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Gazelle® Pacer

The newest edition to Tony Little’s total body machine line-up! This budget-friendly glider provides total body range of motion and allows for 6+ cardio, light strength & stretching exercises. Like all Gazelle Gliders, it is low impact & the Pacer also tracks calories burned, distance, time & speed.

Gazelle® Sprinter

This top-of-the-line glider is another new edition to Tony Little’s Gazelle machines that give you a total body workout. It has everything the Pacer has PLUS allows for 10+ cardio, intense strength & stretching exercises, comes w/power piston-based resistance, pulse grip technology w/ heart rate monitoring & a device holder.

Endorsed by Tony Little, America’s Personal Trainer®, Gazelle is perfect for all fitness levels – beginner to advanced. For over 15 years, Tony Little’s Gazelle Glider has been trusted to deliver an effective low-impact resistance training workout that strengthens the body and sheds pounds with minimal joint stress. Tony Little’s Gazelle Glider exercise machines offer six to ten unique exercises within one workout providing cardio and resistance training with benefits similar to stretching, walking, running, cross-country skiing and aerobic dancing but with minimal stress and strain on joints.